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A Guide to Trading Pokemon Cards

There are two faces when trading pokemon cards; the wrong way and the right way. Most people are doing the wrong way and end up with frustration with the person they've just traded with. This happens most of the time, yet, many people don't realize exactly how or why a bad trade takes place.


People will most likely not be able to perform a trade back whether the unfairly treated party soon realize that they're gypped, most of the pokemon card players won't just agree to that. That's the reason why it is very important to know how to make correct trades. If you will abide the following rules of trading pokemon cards, you'll never be caught off guard once again when making a trade.


Number 1. Don't elaborate your deals.


What I mean by this is that, don't try trading 20 mlp ccg cards in exchange for 1 or 2. Instead, try keeping the trades in ratios of 1:1. Other traders arise in the event that one player possess an extraordinary card while the other party is offering several dozens that are not so rare. One person in the trade are certain to be ripped off.


Obviously, there are several dragon ball z cards that are more worth than the same rarity but the closer you could keep the trade to one to one ratio, the better your chances of making a fair deal.


Number 2. Never feel forced.


Don't feel as if you're obligated to finish the trade. Keep in mind, if you don't feel comfortable in it, simply pick up your cards and just walk away from the trade. No one forces you to trade the pokemon cards so do it only if you're feeling good about the trade.


Number 3. Ask for second opinion.


Ask some of your friends regarding their opinions about the trade. The person you're trading with must have the same. This is actually a nice idea to ensure that you two will not blatantly miss out something. You might have forgotten a particular card that's recently rises in its value and thus, creating an unfair trade. The more people become involved in the trade, the more equal it is going to be.


Number 4. Trade with people who has the same age as yours.


A few of the most lopsided trades that can take place are trades that happening between a younger person to an older individual. The youngster will probably not realize the weight of the situation and the value of their card and therefore, the older player can easily capitalize on the situation.